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Essential Information

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Borana Race Village (N 0 °13.870’ E 37° 21.395’ - Elevation 5508ft)

This is the base for the event including one for the Fly540 10to4 and the Ngare Ndare Forest. It is also the START & FINISH for the Hardcore on Day 1 and the start of the Childrens Races on Day 3.


By road: Leave Nanyuki town heading North East towards Meru on the A2. After passing through Timau, turn left after approximately 500 metres onto the major dirt road which is recognised by a large assortment of signboards - including one for the Fly540 10to4.

The road is rough and corrugated with seasonal diversions and some broken tarmac. Follow this for 26km, passing through Ethi village and an unmanned forest gate to the sign on your left directing you to Borana Race Village (N 0 °14'20.68" E 37° 21'48.00" - Elevation 5508ft).

START Day 2  – (N 0° 03'38.54" E 37° 24'30.62" - Elevation 9464ft)

This is the START for the Roller Coaster, MKT Classic, the Rush and the Slide. The FINISH is at Borana Race Village.


From Timau (see note above) continue for some 18km on the A2 and turn right at the Fly540 10to4 signboard, immediately after Chuckie's Chips, through a white gate onto a dirt road. Follow the signs for 6km to the START.


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Thursday 16th February 2017

13:00 hours: Borana Race Village opens for participants, families and friends

14:00 hours: Check in for all events opens at Borana Race Village

Friday 17th February 2017

07:00 hours: The Fly540 10to4 'Hardcore' Riders briefing at Borana Race Village

07:30 hours: The Fly540 10to4 'Hardcore' START from Borana Race Village

12:30 hours: Winner of The Fly54010to4 'Hardcore' expected at Borana Race Village

16:00 hours: Last of the 'Hardcore' finishers expected at Borana Race Village

20:00 hours: Rider briefing for Day 2 at Borana Race Village

Saturday 18th February 2017

06:00 hours: Cars leave Borana Race Village for START of Day 2 Events

08:00 hours: Riders Briefing at START - Day 2 Events

08:30 hours: The Fly540 10to4 Roller Coaster, MKT Classic, Rush & Slide START

10:30 hours: First Day 2 Finishers expected at Borana Race Village

12:00 hours: Cut off time for 'Classic' Riders at the split point of the 'Classic' and 'Rush'.

15:00 hours: Last of Day 2 finishers expected at Borana Race Village

15:30 hours: Speeches and Prize Giving

Sunday 19th February 2017

07:00 hours: Rider & Parent briefing followed by check in for Races 4, 3 & 2

08:00 hours:Race 4 starts, followed by Race 3, followed by Race 2

Approx 08:30 hours:Rider & Parent briefing followed by check in for Race 1

11:00 hours: Prize Giving

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To the Event

Entrants are entirely responsible for making their own transports arrangements to and from the event.

Overseas entrants may enquire about safari packages on offer on the Safari Packages tab which will provide them with transport.

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Take the hassle out of the journey to Borana and fly to Nanyuki or closer with Fly540, our title sponsors!




Within the Event

You are encouraged to pool resources to lift riders and bikes to the START on Day 2, with a non-cycling driver to return the vehicle to the Borana Race Village FINISH. Regrettably, the organizers cannot provide any transport to the start or vehicle return option, however security will be provided for any vehicles left at the START for the duration of the event.  Spectators must be entirely self-sufficient in regard to transport.

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Option A

Take the hassle out of the weekend and ok a tent with Cunningham Safaris - Contact Stu Cunningham on +254 721630908 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . A percentage of the booking will go to Mount Kenya Trust, so you can contribute in your sleep!

Option B

Bring your own tent and camp at Borana Race Village. Shower and toilet facilities are available on site. No open fires - it is likely to be dry in February and we do not want to cause any bushfires!

Option C

Stay in a hotel / lodge or camp nearby

borana-lodge-10t04 stay in luxury at Borana Lodge but be close to the action email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

If you intend to use a non-approved third party camp provider, please contact us before booking to allocate space and arrange entry onto the site. If this is not done all persons involved will be charged at the gate.

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  • Showers & toilets will be available in public camping areas
  • No open fires - it should be dry in February and we do not want to set light to Borana
  • Bar and catering available from Thursday evening to Sunday morning serving cold drinks, snack etc

Rusty Nail Caterers will be on site from Thursday evening to Sunday morning serving good food at sensible prices - see menu for details



  Quench your thirst at Kuki's Bar with cold beer, Highlands water or their Club Sodas. Wine, juice and some spirits also available.


After the success of last year, Delia's Ice Cream will be on sale again - perfect after a long race or to keep the kids happy!



Try a tasty toasted sandwich from award winning Brown's Cheese

Chuckies Chips made with Kisima potatoes will be available at BRV

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Whereas the organizers will provide essential first aid in most circumstances during the cycling events, all riders enter The Fly540 10to4 event on the absolute understanding that emergency evacuation, hospital or medical centre charges, or ongoing medical expenses resulting from The Fly540 10to4  are the sole responsibility of the rider, family member or friend, and the organizers hold themselves absolved from any claims arising from misadventure howsoever caused.

The location is remote, so if you have a medical condition, prepare well and notify the organisers.

Please expect temperatures of 5°C  in the early morning rising to approx 30°C in the middle of the day. Overnight at Borana Race Village expect 8°–15° C. Insect repellent is recommended whilst outside.

Membership of AMREF is mandatory for adults & children. We have secured a special rate of 1000KES per person for annual Bronze membership, open to anyone involved / attending the 10to4. AMREF contact Evans Arao - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Tel: 0720259047. He will need the indivdual's name & date of birth plus an email address & postal address to send the membership card Pay by MPESA: paybill no: 900100 Account number: name of individual. You can renew a current AMREF membership at this special rate at any point up to February 19th.

AMREF AMREF Flying Doctors was established in Kenya in 1957 and has since then been providing air evacuation services in medical emergencies as well as air ambulance transfers between medical facilities locally and abroad by Air Ambulance jet or a medical escort provided on commercial carriers. With a diverse fleet of 18 aircraft available for Air Ambulance Service, patients can be evacuated from anywhere on the African continent to anywhere in the world.


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Safari Packages

TropicAir Make your trip extra special and book a helicopter safari with Tropic Air. Click on the logo for more details.

karisia Karisia Walking Safaris specialises in walking safaris supported by camels. Our trips offer a unique perspective of not just the animals but the land they live in. On foot we fine tune our senses and experience the country in vivid and exciting detail. We thrive on adventure and an old fashioned approach to safari. Our train of friendly camels carry our comfortable mobile camps to remote and splendid locations each day.

kenya-treks  Rift Valley Adventures is an Outdoor Education and Adventure Activity Company, with headquarters in Kenya. The company has its own outdoor adventure center and permanent camps in Ol Pejeta Wildlife Conservancy and on the periphery of Ngare Ndare Forest. RVA is an Approved Provider for the British Army Adventure Training in Kenya and the only company in East Africa providing international recognised qualifications for Mountain Bike Instructors (MIAS). Rift Valley Adventures (RVA) has fifteen years experience running school expeditions across Australia, Indonesia, Thailand, Sweden, Kenya, Tanzania and we have recently launched programs in Malawi and Namibia that combine adventurous journeys, service, volunteering and outdoor adventure and education. We have hosted schools from all over the world who are undertaking their DofE Gold and Residential focusing on voluntary service at local schools and assisting with various conservation initiatives; Field Based School trips; Inter-Cultural Programs and other meaningful trips that immerse students in the local culture and environment. RVA is the first International Training Activity Provider (ITAP) for the Duke of Edinburgh Scheme to be approved from Africa.

More fantastic safari packages to follow shortly - like our Facebook page for notification of new options.

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Mountain Bikes

Hire a mountain bike from Mount Kenya Bicyles - contact Victor Mbuthia on +254721995405


Bike Supplier: Bikes and Outdoor Adventures - suppliers of GIANT mountain bikes for kids & adults, spares & accessories - contact +254773757621 or visit






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  1. A correctly fitting cycle helmet must be worn while riding on any stage.
  2. Bikes should be fit for purpose – a mountain bike in good mechanical repair.
  3. A full disclaimer must be signed and exchanged for your race number.
  4. Ensure that you are self sufficient in the event of a flat tyre, other technical or personal issue – cycling gloves, padded shorts, water bottle, cycle pump, spare tubes, cycle repair tools, mobile phone and sunscreen are considered essential items.
  5. Ride of way – This is a very simple concept that applies to all mountain bikers all over the planet:
    If you are walking on a section because it is too technical or you are too tired you must give way to those riding. If you are behind someone pushing simply ask for ride of way.
  6. Give way – if there is a faster rider behind you try to find a safe place to let him or her pass you:
    Shortcuts are not permitted.
  7. Offensive language is strongly discouraged.
  8. Disqualification & Penalties – Riders may be disqualified at the discretion of organisers for any one or more of the following reasons including, but not limited to:
    Riding at any point on any stage without a helmet.
    Bad sportsmanship, or malicious behavior.
    Damaging the environment.
  9. Membership of AMREF – the Flying Doctor – is mandatory and AMREF card should be produced at check in – see ‘Medical’ for more information.

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  • Vehicle Route Map

  • Hardcore map

  • Rush Map

  • Slide Map

  • Classic and Rollercoster

    Classic and Rollercoster
  • Mini


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