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A good introduction to the 10to4 Challenge

Rush, verb, to move very quickly; adj., intensely pleasurable or exhilarated feeling.

Running concurrently with the Classic on Day 2, The Rush is a less arduous 57km ride but will still provide exhilaration for younger riders, mid-level cyclists and those seasoned mountain bikers who spend more time in their office chairs than is good for them!

Don't just take our word for it ...

"This was my first time visiting Kenya from the UK and so I chose the Rush event. Trained in the UK and then a week ahead in Nairobi before the challenge.

"What an incredible experience, to ride down Mt Kenya and across those African plains. The Rush was a challenge in places, but if you are fit, put in the miles, and prepare the bike, then go for it! At 67 years old and many years of riding, this was a real buzz!"

"In 2022 I did the Rush because I needed to be back in Nairobi early Saturday evening. Despite an easier course than the Classic I pushed hard and was utterly exhausted by the time I finished.

"If you are undecided between the Classic and the Rush then I suggest signing up for the Classic as it follows the same course as the Rush for the first 60% or so. Depending on how you are feeling you can then either finish the Classic or take the shortcut and turn the Classic into the Rush."

Rush Competitors

Children under the age of 13 must be accompanied by an adult at all times during the event. If they go through a waterstop alone, they'll be pulled out of the race, and if they cross the Finish Line without their adult, their time will not be recorded and neither will that of the adult who should have been with them.

17th February 2024


12 years and over

KSh 24,000

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