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Two days of spectacular riding without the hardship of the Hardcore

Wild, adj., (1) remote, uninhabited place; (2) unconstrained action or emotion.

By popular demand, 2024 will see the return of our new combo - The Wild! Held over two days it is aimed at those who are keen for an extra challenge but aren't quite fit (or crazy?) enough for the Hardcore on Day 1. That said, The Wild isn't for the Sunday afternoon cyclist and you can be sure there'll be lots of ups and downs and plenty of excitement.

On Day 1, the route will be entirely across the Borana Conservancy, while on Day 2 Wild Riders are expected to join the Classic race, though could opt to go for the Rush instead if Day 1 proves too much. However, first, second and third places will be awarded to those with the best combined time for Wild Ride+Classic.

Don't just take our word for it ...

"This (2023) was my second time to participate in the 10to4 challenge and I was ‘brave’ enough this year to sign up for the inaugural Wild category. A great and exhilarating option for those who want something a bit more challenging (2 days) and not “crazy” enough to do the Extreme. I loved it and will be back in 2024."

Wild Competitor

16th and 17th February 2024

55km Day 1 + 60km Day 2

16 years and over

Ksh 30,000

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