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Bike Drop

Our Bike Drop service on Friday evening can take your bike overnight from Borana Race Village to the Kisima Start Line at a cost of KSh 3,500 per bike.  Rider transport (KSh 1,500) will then take competitors up to Kisima early on Saturday morning to collect their bikes ready for the off.  Please note: Rider transport is only available to those who book the Bike Drop service.

For those competitors who book bike drop but not rider transport, we will set up a WhatsApp group so you can arrange to car share if needed.

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When: Friday 16th February from 10am-4pm
Where: CHECK-IN DESK Race Village (see map here)

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When: Friday 16th February from 10am-7:30pm
Where: CHECK-IN DESK at Ngare Ndare Forest gate (Ethi) (see map here)

You will be given a token and a disclaimer form to sign when you drop off your bike. KEEP THE TOKEN SAFE AS YOU WILL NEED IT TO COLLECT YOUR BIKE at the Start Line at Kisima Horse Patrol Quarters on Saturday 17th February. If you'd like to speed things up at drop off, you can download the disclaimer to print and complete in advance (you'll just need to fill in the bike and race numbers on the day).

Every care will be taken to ensure bikes are transported safely and securely – however we cannot take responsibility for any damage incurred during transport. If this is an issue that concerns you, please consider another transport option. 

Pick up time for riders is 5:30am at Borana Race Village.  To collect your bike before the race, please get to the BIKE DROP area at the Kisima Horse Patrol Quarters between 6:30 and 7:00am and hand in your token. For security reasons, we cannot release your bike without the token so don't lose it.

Please note: If you have not opted for the rider transport up to the Start Line, you are encouraged to join the 2024 10to4 Riders WhatsApp Group using the link that will be sent to you in the confirmation email that you receive when you register to race.

Any questions please email

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