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2024 Event Supporters

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We couldn't do it without them!

We are enormously grateful to the amazing band of organizations, businesses, Government agencies, and individuals who give so generously year after year! Whether they donate time to help out with preparation or at the event, equipment or materials, food to keep the team going over the weekend, prizes for winning riders, access to otherwise restricted areas, or hard cash, their generosity means that 100% of the funds raised through race fees go towards the vital work of the Mount Kenya Trust.

So a huge shout out to our official sponsors, to our Water Stop providers, to the Friends of MKT, and to everyone else who gives so much to make the 10to4 event so special!

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Title Sponsor - Tropic Air

Mount Kenya Trust is enormously indebted to Tropic Air, Title Sponsor of the 10to4 Mountain Bike Challenge for the 8th year! Not only does Tropic Air make a generous donation towards the running costs, they also provide helicopter support throughout the event.




Platinum Plus Sponsor - Dormans

Dormans has also been a valued supporter of the 10to4 event for many years and we are indebted to The Coffee Experts for much-needed funds not to mention delicious prizes!



Tropical Heat.png

Mini 10to4 Sponsor - Tropical Heat

For 2024, Tropical Heat have stepped up their support to sponsor the Mini 10to4! So as well as filling your goody bags with Tropical Heat snacks, we'll also be able to give all our Mini riders extra treats.



Event Sponsors

Event Sponsors donate vital funds to pay for all the elements that go into the complexity that is the 10to4 event, from bike tags to banners and generators to gel pack. Without their generosity, we wouldn't be able to say that every shilling, penny, cent or other tiny currency unit in race fees is guaranteed to go to support the work of Mount Kenya Trust.

Waterstop Sponsors

Waterstops are an essential part of the 10to4 set-up - without them we literally could not run the event. Hats off to all our waterstop sponsors who are on hand to cheer our riders along, offer a smile, a drink, and even a tasty snack to keep everyone going!


Friends of Mount Kenya Trust and 10to4 Partners

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What's on at Borana Race Village?

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