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Ngare Ndare Forest Camp

Ngare Ndare Forest Camp is the ideal base for the 10to4 challenge. Owned and operated by Rift Valley Adventures, a long term supporter of the 10to4 and Kenya’s leading MTB specialists offering internationally recognised MTB Leader Award training, means you can also have your bike given some TLC!

Forest Camp is located right at the entrance to Ngare Ndare Forest and offers a variety of accommodation options from ensuite rooms in cottages to simple safari tents with full bedding. Within the camp grounds are a lounge space, a large indoor and outdoor dining area as well as a fireplace and bar. And yes, WIFI too! Meals catering for various dietary requirements are available.

RVA is able to offer drops offs at and pick ups at the start and end points.

Ngare Ndare Forest Camp

Rift Valley Adventures Wildlife Camp, Nanyuki, Kenya


+254 707 734776


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